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WeBild, helping your projects stay connected, save time & avoid costly mistakes. WeBild App is available for download from Google Play or iTunes. After the 90-day free trial, it’s $19.99/USD per year.



The WeBild App is a worksite communication tool for contractors, interior designers, trades and anyone else involved in the construction and renovation business.We created this app to centralize communication while working on a job so everyone contributing to a project can connect via group chat or direct messages. WeBild gets your team talking in real time and moving forward by eliminating delays and consolidating exchanges in one place. No more messy email threads.

WeBild also offers essential tools to organize your projects such as a calendar to schedule milestones and meetings, an hour tracker, and task lists. Each project is kept separate allowing for quick and easy access to the people and information you need without any communication crossovers or barriers.

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User Friendly

Group Chat

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Hour Tracker

Job Site Calendar



The '@' Feature:

To address/notify a specific person(s) in a Project Chat use the ‘@’ key in the msg box and then select member from the pop up menu. By doing this they will receive a notification that they were tagged in the chat.

Add an Event to the Project Calendar:

Select a project > ‘WeBild’ menu > Calendar > New

Add/Delete members from a project:

Select project > ‘WeBild’ menu > Members

The members along the top are members in the project. ‘X’ to delete from project and scroll your contacts to select and add members to the project. (Note only the project creator of the project can add/delete members)

View all Images/Files/Links from Project Chat:

Select Project > ‘WeBild’ menu > Attachments


-The Hour Tracker corresponds with your Projects. They will appear in the hour tracker area whern you are added to a project or create one.

Mute Projects Chats

Mute Project Chats: Settings > Push Notifications > Chat notifications

About Us

WeBild is the creation of two home improvement veterans who wanted to develop a mobile app featuring real-time communication tools while also serving as a project organizer.

The founders, Biski Gugushe and Wes Passchier, noticed that renovation projects were often stalled by costly communication delays and mishaps. They soon discovered it was a common theme in the home improvement industry, but they couldn’t find a mobile app to fill the gap.

The partners designed WeBild to feature group chat and direct messaging so that anyone contributing to a project could be pulled into a real-time conversation as needed. WeBild also offers a means to easily share documents and photos, assign tasks, track hours, set milestones and schedule meetings.

From first-hand experience, they’ve learned WeBild can lead to greater success and better results by keeping everyone happily in sync. The positive response from contractors, interior designers, trades, and clients satisfies their goal of creating a mobile app tapered to the needs their industry.

News Release


WeBild App enters the booming home improvement market

WeBild is the mobile application promising to soothe away frustrating delays that mean time and money in the home renovation industry.

The defining feature of the innovative app is a group chat that keeps everyone involved in a project connected and on schedule. The diverse array can include contractors, architects, designers, trades, and homeowners.

Biski Gugushe and Wes Passchier were inspired to develop WeBild to ease the flow of communication between multiple stakeholders while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

“Decisions can be discussed and confirmed in minutes with WeBild chat. The contractor and trades can schedule install dates, send the latest site plans while staying in tune with the project and what’s going on.

“We kept the app user-friendly. It’s there to make things easier and faster. The group chat and direct messages are very streamlined. But we also provide features such as the hour tracker and memo/tasks to help keep projects organized,” Wes says.

Over the past decade, the Vancouver-based partners have seen home renovation projects get more complicated with many homeowners choosing to be heavily involved in the process.

“A series of decisions need to be made over the course of a project between the client, designer, and contractor. Being able to find out whether an idea is doable or confirm dimensions in real-time is ideal,” Biski says.

The aim of WeBild’s calendar is to create forward momentum and a smoother ride to the finish. It’s linked to group chat which allows the team lead to send reminders, schedule meeting and set milestones.

The app also lets users run multiple projects at one time. In turn, each project is kept separate and can be personalized with its own list of contacts.

WeBild App is available for download from Google Play or iTunes. After the 90-day free trial, it’s $19.99/USD per year.