WeBild was born out of the frustration of the lack of worksite communication. The company’s founders, Wes and Biski, have spent years in the home renovation and interior design business’ and noticed a reccuring theme, wasted time and a million mistakes made which cost the clients more money. They wanted a way for everyone involved in a project to be on the same page. To be able to easily share documents and information, ask questions, or assign tasks all on one platform. All the while keeping work messaging separate from personal messaging.

Speaking with industry people, Biski and Wes realized many people had the same issues and needs that they have learned from past communication breakdowns due to the fact there was nothing like WeBild in place to prevent them. Centralized communication, access to all the projects contacts, quick file, document or key word search without having to search through all your emails and texts, all on one platform.

WeBild, helping your projects stay connected, save time and avoid costly mistakes.