The '@' Feature:

To address/notify a specific person(s) in a Project Chat use the ‘@’ key in the msg box and then select member from the pop up menu. By doing this they will receive a notification that they were tagged in the chat.

Add an Event to the Project Calendar:

Select a project > ‘WeBild’ menu > Calendar > New

Add/Delete members from a project:

Select project > ‘WeBild’ menu > Members

The members along the top are members in the project. ‘X’ to delete from project and scroll your contacts to select and add members to the project. (Note only the project creator of the project can add/delete members)

View all Images/Files/Links from Project Chat:

Select Project > ‘WeBild’ menu > Attachments


-The Hour Tracker corresponds with your Projects. They will appear in the hour tracker area whern you are added to a project or create one.

Mute Projects Chats

Mute Project Chats: Settings > Push Notifications > Chat notifications